About the FoxDog

FoxDogDesigns is named in memory of a wonderfully crazy dog.  Teak was abandoned at a shelter three years before I started working there.  I immediately fell in love with him, despite the fact that he was horribly unsocialized and somewhat crazy, and therefore unadoptable to the general public.

Of course I ended up taking him home.

Two years after being adopted, he was a completely different dog.  He learned how to play with other dogs.  He stopped constantly crying.  He was able to be weaned off a high dose of anti-anxiety medication.  He went from needing to be muzzled and restrained for nail trims, ear cleaning, and brushing to standing calmly in the tub while all that was going on, muzzle free.  He even tolerated having his teeth brushed.

(Some of his more memorable traits? When he needed to assert control over a situation, he'd run into the other room and hump his bed.  He had a retardo ear that pointed towards the other.  He had dainty little paws and his run looked more like pouncing.  He only barked when he saw someone outside, not when they knocked on the door.  He'd obsessively lick his paws at 3 am, and try to climb into bed with me when he saw lightning because the flash bothered him, not the thunder.  What a weirdo.)

Teak lived with me for three and a half years, to an estimated age of 11.